Performance Systems 

We are your Information Technology (IT) contract resources provider. 

We focus on providing you with skilled IT individuals or a 

full team tailored for your unique needs. 

Our goal is to find the best solution for your IT contract requirements - today! 

Matching Your IT Project with the Right Skilled People !

Performance Systems Inc. is your Information Technology contract resource service provider.  Recruiting people costs time and money.  If the wrong person is placed, your critical IT project can be put months behind.  It is important to have the right people, at the right time, on the right project.  At Performance Systems, we take the risk out of resource allocation.  We keep your project on track with the right people. 

Cross Canada IT Recruiting 

Performance Systems recruits the best people from across Canada to ensure that you have the right person for your project requirements.  Performance Systems provides contract personnel solutions to Information Technology clients in web development, client/server, and legacy environments. 

Performance Systems expedites your contract personnel requirements with three options: 

1. Individual Contract Services:
When you need a contract IT specialist, we provide a cost-effective strategy to see that you get the right resource.  Performance Systems provides the services of a diversified and skilled contract staff to allow you to have the best systems development people when required.  We ensure your project is staffed with the best. 

2. Custom System Development:
We can manage, staff and develop your custom IT projects by drawing on our growing staff to create the IT teams that you need for your development or maintenance projects.  We have a successful track record in joint bidding on larger development contracts. 

3. Application Maintenance:
With Internet, client/server, and legacy environments and complex combinations thereof being the norm today, it is important to have the right people in your organization.  Performance Systems saves you the worry.  We provide you with only the appropriate candidates. 

 If you have an IT project and require skilled programmers and systems developers for a defined period, Performance Systems has the resource you can not afford to be without. Your project is our first priority. From custom systems development to contract placement, we work to ensure you the result you want. 

Before you place another ad, before you hire another developer, before you spend any more time wondering how to get the people you need, talk to us.  We are Performance Systems, and our system is working for you.

Can you Prove Yourself by Your Results?

Are you a .NET developer? Or is your expertise in Oracle programming? Would you like to experience greater challenges? Are you a self-starter who would like to continue to grow in the IT field? Do you stand by your results? Can you make a difference? What area of the Information Technology world would you like to be in? 

If you can make a difference, and would like to expand your activities, we may have a place for you. 

Introducing Performance Systems Inc. 

We are an Canadian based IT provider with a head office in Edmonton Alberta that specializes in providing IT professionals like yourself with the right challenges. We do both individual contract placement and full team contract systems development/maintenance in the Information Technology field.   If you have experience in the IT industry and would like to advance, let us put you in the position you want. If you can stand by your own work, let us provide you with that rewarding challenge you are seeking. 

Performance Systems is currently recruiting IT professionals who would like to make a difference. With contracts for systems development in government and private sectors, we need the right people.  If you would like a change and are interesting in IT contract opportunities, we want to hear from you. Your confidence is always protected and we only propose you for positions that meet your needs. 

Starting Life in a New Home 

If you need to move, we want you to be at home. As part of the Performance Systems team, we help you settle comfortably and easily into your new environment. Spouse, children. pets? Everyone is included. We know it is not easy moving, and we help to take the stress out of relocating. Meeting new challenges in a new environment is all part of the Performance Systems advantage. We know you will work better if you are comfortable and we make you and your family part of our system. 

Before you answer another ad, before you send out another resume, before you spend any more time wondering how to get the contract position you want, talk to us. We are Performance Systems, and our system is working for you.